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Re: Fedora Core 5 for AMD64 and Browser Plugins

Malcolm Candlish wrote:


While getting Fedora Core 5 x86 I believe I can work with all browser plugins. However, if I get the AMD64 version which is compatable with my PC, I understand that it is necessary to do a work around.

Can anyone direct me to instructions for this or explain.

With thanks in advance,
Malcolm Candlish.

You can use nspluginwrapper to use 32-bit plugins with firefox.x86_64.


I would suggest installing all your plugins first and then installing nspluginwrapper as nspluginwrapper will automatically register all installed plugins when nspluginwrapper is itself installed. I ran into some problems trying to register new plugins after the fact.

Having said that, I would suggest forgoing firefox.x86_64 altogether. I had random but frequent lockups with firefox.x86_64 which made firefox pretty much unusable. Even worse, firefox would often not exit cleanly when I quit, leaving a process running in the background. I would only find out that had happened when trying to launch a new instance whereupon I would get a message box popup informing me that firefox was already running.

I have since switched to firefox.i386 and have been problem-free ever since.

A thought just occured to me. I am using a dual core Athlon 64. I wonder if firefox is having some SMP problems?


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