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The ip2200 support in Windows vs the support in Fedora

The wireless support program supplied by Dell for the Intel 2200
wireless card allows one to see all the possible access points in the
area, choose one and connect to it. Now there is an added problem that
if I connect to our most wide spread set of access points I have to
use the LEAP protocol which the card supports and login with mt
windows user name and passwd.

It was hinted that if I use NetworkManager in Fedora I could do the
same thing but I have yet to see how. When I configure the wireless in
my office it immediately latches on to an access point that does not
allow DHCP and it is not obvious to me that I can see the other 2
access points that the windows system says are present in my area.

What can I do about it or what am I doing wrong? Is it even possible
to use the Fedora software to configure the LEAP protocol and connect
to our Windows system?

Aaron Konstam
Computer Science
Trinity University
telephone: (210)-999-7484

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