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Re: Ok, I am ignorant anout ndiswrapper.

On Mon, 27 Mar 2006, akonstam trinity edu wrote:

I urge my students to ask when they realize they are confused so I am
going to take that advice.

I am clueless about ndiswrapper and what it is use for. I can connect
to my wireless access point at home and to one at work and as far as I
know I have not used ndiswrapper. What am I missing?

ndiswrapper is for using a windows ndis driver to support a card which has no available kernel module. The typical reasons for the is that for some (many) chipsets there are no publically available specifications.

an open source driver is vastly preferable.

Is it for only certain wireless cards, or for certain environments
using wireless cards , or what?

I will settle to be pointed to a document that explains all this.

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