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Re: Newbie

Here's some stuff on travan tape drives.


also good



On 3/27/06, Mike McCarty < Mike McCarty sbcglobal net> wrote:
Thomas Allen wrote:
> Hi all. I am a newbie to Linux and Fedora....I am trying to get a tape
> drive (travan) to work on fedora Core 5. When I type the command "dmesg"
> I see that the drive is listed there and hdc as the device name...but it
> does not show up under drives's...do I need to mount this? and how would
> I do that? Thanks for the help!

Are you trying to use it as a destination for tar? I wasn't aware that
one usually mounted such devices. What kind of file system do you
intend to put on the tape? One mounts file systems, not devices.

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