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Re: fc5: install everything?

Bruno Wolff III wrote:
On Mon, Mar 27, 2006 at 13:06:24 -0800,
  "K. Richard Pixley" <rich noir com> wrote:
fc5 installer has me confused and stumped. Could someone please tell me where to find the "install everything" option?

That feature was dropped.
You can do select all by right clicking, but you have to be at least one
level down to do this.
This won't actually install all of the rpms, but may be good enough for you.

I used the select all per group today during an install. All the packages that I normally use were there after installing. The process did not take long since I was able to choose all optional packages easily.

I also did a yum upgrade on another system and it croaked because it had all of the openoffice language packages on it. I believe if the Turkish package was correct, it would have upgraded initially. I never use the language packages but they should not cause a failure either.
I know the issue was discussed too much already.

I like the new installer over an everything install but this feature elimination does not keep the heat on for the GFS kernel modules and the language specific packager/developers to keep their packages at least installable.


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