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Re: FC5 - Upgrading failure if dual boot

2006/3/28, David Timms <dtimms bigpond net au>:
> antonio montagnani wrote:
> > I tried to upgrade one of my servers from FC4 to FC5, that is a dual
> > boot machine with Windows 2000.
> > I had a set of CD that passed mediacheck on two other machines so I
> > decided not to carry out a mediacheck on this server.At CD nr.4
> > upgrade stopped and machine was rebooted.
> > In the meantime I burnt a new CD that passed mediacheck, so I
> > re-started upgrading.
> > But when I re-booted the machine the Fedora entry was missing from my
> > Grub menu and only Windows 2000 was available!!! I re-started the
> > installing procedure (it was very fast) and I told to anaconda to
> > modify grup but again I found only Windows2000 entry.
> > I managed to mount the system with rescue disk, but how I read and
> > modify the grub.conf when I am in the shell???
> >
> > What is happening???
> I don't know. Did you get to the end of the installation the second time ?

yes, I got to the end of installation.
Is any way to install/modify grub options by installation CD??


Antonio Montagnani
Skype : antoniomontag

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