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Re: page fault death

William Murray wrote:
   Help please!,
My laptop is still dead. It page faults in 'make udev' when I try to boot FC5. Typically the routine name:


  is seen in the traceback; eip deference error may be reported.
WWW searching suggest a memory chip error, but I have two other systems
on the same machine which work perfectly.
Using the rescue disk I removed udev and yum installed it, also tried selinux and prunning /etc/fstab. No change.
   Is there a way to mass-verify all rpms? or what else can I try?


Check the archives for a posting regarding a problem with udev.

The attached script will check for duplicates.

If you want to verify content of the rpms for missing components, running rpm as root with the -qaV switch and redirecting its output to a file will show you missing files, data changes, permissions and the like.


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