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Re: Australian timezone oddity between two similarly configured FC4 boxes

>> And I've just manually replaced /etc/localtime with a copy of the
>> Adelaide file from /usr/share/zoneinfo/Australia/, and my PC is now
>> serving time correctly (without the stripey suit with arrows on it).

Steffen Kluge:
> The tzdata post-install script should have done that for you. The
> necessary information (default time zone) is in /etc/sysconfig/clock. A
> quick glance at the initscripts seems to indicate that /etc/localtime
> never ever gets changed once written by the OS installer, or when you
> change the default time zone.

Just had another tzdata update today, this time I see the install/update
mention that it's made an /etc/localtime.rpm new file (and it has).
None of the other PCs have one (I haven't updated them yet), so prior
updates didn't do that.

It seems to point to yet another silliness about the /etc/localtime
file.  Unless you notice that yours hasn't been updated, you'll carry on
using the old one.  The RPM update scripting ought to have enough
programming to figure out which one you were already using, and copy the
equivelent new one if it can, only doing the .rpmnew trick if it can't.

I'll have a bash at figuring out how to use bugzilla again, later.

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