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Re: Trash in FC5 not working?

> I didn't do rm -rf or anything like that. I simply hit "delete" as I
> wanted it to sit in the trashcan until I felt like recovering it. As per
> the previous email, I did check ~/.Trash and all my deleted files were
> there. However, i am still perplexed as to why they don't show up in my
> trashcan.

That's strange.  Sounds like the desktop Trash icon is not associated
to your .Trash folder.  I just navigated to my .Trash folder and
created a couple of files with the touch command and they showed up in
my Trash bin no problem.  Give that a try and see what happens.

Also if you add a trash bin to your toolbar does it work?  Does it
associate to the .Trash folder?  Try removing your .Trash folder and
then drag something to the trash can and see what happens.  In my case
it recreated the .Trash folder in my home directory.

When you right click on your trash can and choose Browse folder, does
it open up to the currently logged in user's .Trash folder?


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