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Sharing Thunderbird Mails Between Linux and Windows

In order to make the same set of emails accessible on both Windows XP Home and Fedora Core on my dual boot laptop, I have created a separate FAT32 partition which I use just for storing the Thunderbird mail files and directories. While working on Linux I mount this partition through an appropriate entry in /etc/fstab and have configured the Thunderbird profile in Linux in such a manner that it points to the files and directories on this mounted FAT32 filesystem for accessing mails for different accounts. I also make sure that I am using the same version of Thunderbird on Windows and Linux.

Things had been working perfectly fine except for some small hitches but recently after I compacted the mail folders and deleted trash while working on Linux, the whole partition got corrupted and a number of mails were lost. Though I was able to repair the FAT32 mail partition and recover most of the files, its created some doubts in my mind regarding this whole arrangement and robustness of FAT32 filesystem under Linux.

Has anyone tried something similar ? Its important for me to have the mails accessible in Windows as well as Linux but not at the cost of data corruption and loss. What all can be done to make this arrangement more stable and robust and prevent any data corruption ?

I would really appreciate some suggestions or pointers in this regard.



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