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Re: Difference between rpm -i and rpm -U ?

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Dan Thurman wrote:
> What is the difference between rpm -i and rpm -U ?
> If I have a bunch of rpm files and use -i, will it remove
> previous versions of packages or will it retain older packages
> and install the newer package on top?

It will install the package in addition to the old one.  This is
what's done with kernels, for example.

> I assume -U looks for older packages, removes it if found,
> and then installs the newer package?

Correct.  If there was no old package, it will just go ahead and
install the new package.

There's also the --freshen (-F) option.  That works like --upgrade,
but it will only install packages that have another version already

> I just want to make sure that I do no end up with filesystem
> bloat choosing the wrong arguments.

I've gotten to know rpm well over the years (as I am sure many here
have), but with the exception of packages I've built here that I wish
to test before adding them to my local yum repo, I prefer to use yum
for package management.

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