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Re: Sharing Thunderbird Mails Between Linux and Windows

Manish Kathuria wrote:
Jacques B. wrote:

Has anyone tried something similar ? Its important for me to have the
mails accessible in Windows as well as Linux but not at the cost of data
corruption and loss. What all can be done to make this arrangement more
stable and robust and prevent any data corruption ?

I would really appreciate some suggestions or pointers in this regard.



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Your idea sounds quite good.  I hadn't thought of that.  I suppose you
could use a thumb drive instead of a partition on a hard drive. Personally I simply set one of them to not remove the messages off the
server.  I realize that means retrieveing them twice, and the sent
messages are not mirrored on the other system.  But on the plus side
it would give redundancy...


In order for the thumb drive to be accessible on both Linux and Windows, the thumb drive partition needs to be FAT32 and it could run into similar problems as the hard disk partition. Moreover the large mail volume makes it impossible to keep them on the server.

How about using an ext2 partition and this software.?


Robin Laing

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