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Re: Multiple nameservers on one server

On Tue, 2006-28-03 at 17:08 +0200, Stuart Murray-Smith wrote:
> Hi list
> I want to set up a DNS server that will 'emulate' multiple nameservers
> on one server ie when queried, the answer will appear as if _this_
> physical server is the SOA for _this_ domain only.
> What design philosophy should I follow? Seems as though a mixture of
> Auth Only, Stealth (for invisibilty), and Forwarding is favourable.
> How would I list multiple reverse lookup (zzz.yyy.xxx.rev) files in named.conf?
> Any insight highly appreciated!
> TiA, and have a great day!
> Stu@

FC5 comes with Bind 9 which supports views. Webmin's Bind8 module
supports Bind 9 and views. O'Reilly makes a great book for Bind 
and it covers views.

Use these resources and you may figure out what you need to do.

Complex DNS configurations require some understanding of how 
DNS works.

There may not be a simple formula to do what you want, but using 
views is may what you want.

If all you need to do is provide authoritative responses for 
multiple domains you can do that within the default config.

If you want to only allow responses for authoritative zones 
try some of the info at this link:


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