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Further wireless questions.

As I said previously I have been involved in Unix/Linux for a long
time but only newly become involved in wireless internet.

The recent interchange on the list has been very helpful but I am left
with a few questions.

1. We have an access point that does not supply dhcp but connects to
an internet LAN with dhcp service. I can't to get any of the wireless
connection programs to recognize the dhcp part of the system. They
insist that I give the accessing machine a static ip address. Is there
a fedora utility that can handle this and allow the dhcp access to
operate through this access point.

2. Our general access to the Internet at Trinity is to access points on
out Windows network. That involves designating the use of LEAP
authentication and logging in with ones username and passwd on the
Windows system. The ipw2200 card can do that and does that under
Windows , Can the same thing be done under Linux?
Is this a place where ndiswrapper would allow me to use the Windows
driver to do this?

Work consists of whatever a body is obliged to do.
Play consists of whatever a body is not obliged to do.
		-- Mark Twain
Aaron Konstam
Computer Science
Trinity University
telephone: (210)-999-7484

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