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Re: rebuilding X from failed FC4 -> FC5 upgrade

Mark Haney wrote:
Jim Cornette wrote:
Two questions before you attempt to remove and replace X:

- Did you try to start X in runlevel 3 using startx?
Yes I tried that and I got some odd error about xinit not being in the environment vars? (I'm not at the system so I can't say for certain.) It seems like there's not X server installed based on the error message.

- Did you try to run system-config-display --reconfig in runlevel 3 as root to try to reconfigure X?
No, I didn't try this, but I certainly will when I get home. Thanks for the suggestions.
Mark Haney wrote:
I upgraded one of my machines to FC5 from 4 the other night and everything went smoothly except on reboot. Now X doesn't work. It appears that Xorg didn't completely install. I've tried everything I know, but can't get it completely uninstalled. It tells me xorg-x11-xdm is not installed, but when querying rpm I get the correct version from FC5 (1.0.something). Any ideas on how to completely blow X away and re-install?

Probably the best way to correct the xorg problem is to use the install media if DVD and use rpm -Uvh --replacefiles --replacepkgs xorg-x11*.rpm which should install all xorg-x11 packages and overwrite the files previously installed.

I had to do this on a fresh installation that had an S3 video card. The installer failed when trying to setup X. After reconfiguring X with system-config-display, the computer booted up into gdm on the next boot. Hopefully using s-c-display will cure your problem.

If it does not cure your problem, you might try yum -y upgrade in a *terminal* in either runlevel 3 or runlevel 1. For runlevel 1 you will need to start the network with service network start. Yum should take it from there. After I fixed my system problem, there was some package called xorg-x11-server* that was pulled in along with 45 additional package upgrades. I ran yum -y update again and noticed some additional packages were pulled in that were not pulled in from the installer from the DVD.


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