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Question about FC4, LTSP, NIC Boot Roms

I have one step to go in completing my Linux Terminal Server. I need
to get my machines pulling an image down from the server. Everything
is set up as far as I know. LTSP, DHCP, TFTP, XDMCP, NFS, that all
appears to be set up and running. I have also tested the server using
the Linux Terminal Server Client software available for Windows, I'm
not for sure whether that is an accurate test or not. I am able to use
it to connect and get a desktop and login.

I went to Rom-O-Matic and got a ROM for my Netgear FA311 network card,
I downloaded and burned the ISO image to a CD and put it into the
machine and rebooted, it got an IP address however it kept saying
"sleep". I'm guessing that is because the rom is not initializing my
network card? But how could it get an IP address?

The rom that I got was the first one on this list:

I have also tried the same rom with my laptop, my laptop has a PCMCIA
card, it is a Netgear FA511. I realize the roms are different however
I wanted to see if maybe it would work, however the pcmcia service
never started.

I'm using Fedora Core 4.

Also, is there such a thing as a live cd that will start my pcmcia
service or the other network card and then pull the image from the

I know I'm getting close this time! This is the farthest I have gotten
in setting up LTSP! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Take care,
Andy T. Melton

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