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Brave soul upgraded with yum... udev and missing default font woes

Well, after numerous starts and fits it mostly got installed. I can manage an emergency terminal in X, but that's it. X complains of a missing default font.
Is there a nice safe app that I can start from xterm to reset and/or chose another font?? I can't cut and paste in this mode, or I'd copy the log results. Is there a nice desktop independent system wide gui to set things right?

On boot udev times out. I've managed to use firefox from the emergency xterm command line so I can fire up individual gui's or goto level 3 for command line. I've checked the numerous references to udev, as well as I can manage in this crippled state, but have not found what I can recognize as the 'fix'. Any considerations will be highly appreciated!! Otherwise, I'm highly impressed with the nice colorful boot screen, nice touch. That, alone, seems to work. <eg>

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