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Re: FC5 nforce4 sata initrd problems [for geeks??]

Wieslaw Kierbedz wrote:

Danny Ciarniello napisaƂ(a):
Interesting.  Maybe it's due to using lilo rather than grub?

Is your /boot on reiser as well?  Since reiser is not compiled into
the fedora kernel but is loaded as a module, /boot cannot be on a
reiser partition.  If this isn't your configuration, then you should
create a small (100MB is more than enough) partition formatted as ext3
for the boot partition.  Everything else can be reiser.
It would be bizarre.
lilo mbr is installed with gentoo (/dev/sda1) at /dev/sda mbr - gentoo
Sorry, my comment about lilo vs grub was referring to the presence (or lack thereof) of LABEL=/ in fstab, not to the kernel panic problem.

starts, PLD (on /dev/sda3) started untill I replaced it with FC, even
WinXP32 on /dev/hda1 makes no troubles.
Both - kernel and initrd files are at reiser "/' fedora partition - yes
fedoras /boot is directory of "/".
But during startup initrd is loaded properly - all modules are inserted
too (messages are from fedora initrd).
How could be it possible to load initrd without kernel?

Conclusion: initrd can not mount resiser "/"?
Does it means - "/" can not be reiser?
It would be bizarre.

Actually, / can be root; it's just /boot that shouldn't be. I don't know all the details about how grub or lilo start an OS. I just remember that when I first started using reiser with fedora that the advice was to put /boot on a separate ext3 (or ext2) partition. So I have three partitions on my harddrive (which is also SATA). A 100MB ext3 partition for /boot, a 15GB partition for / and a 58GB partition for /home. Other than the label problem, this worked fine.


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