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Re: fedora.us doesn't work

Greetings Anne ,

Anne Wilson wrote:
On Tuesday 28 March 2006 06:51, Paul Howarth wrote:

< snip >

I have FC4 on an AMD-700 laptop running kde. With 128MB ram it was just about usable if you stuck to one task at a time. Double the ram, and it's fine now. I wouldn't push it too much, but I wouldn't mind having to use it for straightforward work. Even with 128MB ram I could play a DVD on it.

Only one sidenote on your last comment about playing DVDs . DVD playing involves not only the CPU and the main memory of the system but also the GPU ( for example nVidia MX 440 ) and the memory of the graphics card . So a good video adapter with say 128 MB RAM can pretty easily scramble the presence of an old CPU with
just about enough memory .  For example my system now reports 650600 KB RAM
as used and all i have running is KDE , Mozilla , Firestarter and my internet connection
on a Fedora Core 1 machine .



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