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Re: FC5 WiFi confusion

On 3/28/06, Marcel Janssen <korgull home nl> wrote:
On Tuesday 28 March 2006 07:59, Roger Grosswiler wrote:
> Funny, i use NM with WPA-PSK with no problem. This was the 1st time in
> fedora, where i did not have to fiddle around to get wpa-support running.
> What does it say, if it doesn't allow you to connect via wpa?

It just mentions WEP.
I'm trying again with wpa_gui today but no success.

I get ioctrl errors all the time and don't find any clues to what causes them.
I think it's related to madwifi.

Are you using madwifi ?


I am using madwifi for my Netgear 511T and haven't been able to get the wpa_supplicant service to start properly. I think that is needed before anything WPA will work at all in NM. I don't know for sure though. All the SSIDs show up in the NM list but at very low signal strengths ... even when I am right next to the AP.


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