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Re: FC5 and WinXP

Russell Golden wrote:
I've heard from several people that you just can't do it because of different cluster sizes or something like that.

Clusters are a FAT file system concept, not a UNIX-like file
system concept, which uses i-nodes. When the first hard discs
were introduced to MSDOS 'way back with MSDOS 2.x, fdisk was
also introduced, along with explicit support for booting other
operating systems, like Concurrent DOS, for example. Multiboot
has been possible since at least the days of MSDOS/PCDOS 2.11.
IIRC, I first ran fdisk in 1984 or so.

I use Red Hat Linux 9 and Windows XP on my laptop, no clue why XP is my primary boot... *shrug* maybe you can.

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