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Re: Cmdline mail client that talks to remote SMTP server?

Matt England wrote:
(I'm cross-posting this to Fedora and Redhat lists, I hope that's ok.)

I would like to send email from a CentOS/RHEL/Debian/Fedora command
line client.  However, I want to be able to send the mail via a remote
SMTP server, and thus said email cmdline app must also be a SMTP

Does any such thing exist? External projects perhaps? Google has not yet turned up anything for me, other then smtp libraries to program around.

I man mail(1)/mailx(1) on a Debian3.1-testing system and I found no
SMTP reference in the man page.

Do I effectively need to write some PHP, Python, or Perl app to do
this...something that uses an SMTP module from one of the
aforementioned language libraries? (I'd like to avoid writing a C/C++/Java program for this...)

I believe that the New MH mail system will do that, and is fairly good at handling scripted input.


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