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Re: FC5 problem with thunderbird-1.5

Joachim Backes [RHRK] wrote:
> I want to use thunderbird as similar as I use the mail command for
> composing e-mail in a shell script:
> For example: echo this is a test | thunderbird -compose user domain 
> My problem is that I see no possibility for using more than one recepient:
> Using the format users domain1,user2 domain2 fails, and the format
> "user1 domain1 user2 domain2" fails too.
> Can somebody help?
> Remark: No problems with evolution.
> Regards

Using my friend google I found the following tidbit...

The -compose command line argument doesn't work correctly in Thunderbird
1.5 due to a parsing bug. It generates the compose message window but
none of the fields are filled in. The only workaround is to use a
mailto: URL. However, this prevents you from passing an attachment due
to a security restriction.

thunderbird -compose
"mailto:somebody somewhere?cc=address@provider&subject=hi&body=something"

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