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Re: Firefox window not starting full screen (SOLVED)

On Wednesday 29 March 2006 00:14, Thomas Taylor wrote:
> This is not really a problem, just something I'm curious about.
> Firefox
> kde 34.5.1-2.3 RH
> FC5
> When firefox first starts up the height is full screen but the width leaves
> about an inch on the right side.  When I click on the maximize button it
> displays as full screen.  But when I close the firefox session and then
> start a new one, it acts like before, leaving a band on the right showing
> the desktop.
> I've looked through all the files under the user directory and the
> about:config set but haven't found anything applicable to this (of course,
> these old eyes don't see too well anymore).
> As I say, I don't consider this a problem or even a major anoyance.  Just
> that I feel I should be able to control how it starts.
> Thanks,
> Tom

Need to remember to have brain fully running before asking questions.

For some reason I got a sudden flash of inspiration (well, only a 25 watt 
bulb).  With firefox open and maximized, right click on the top bar of the 
window.  This displays a menu.  Click on Advanced, Special Window Settings, 
Geometry, Size and then change the "Do Not Affect" to "Rember" and change the 
window resolution to what is desired (mine was 1024,733 -> 1024.768).  Then 
closed the session and it starts up the way I want.

> --
> Tom Taylor
> Linux user #263467
> Federal Way, WA

Tom Taylor
Linux user #263467
Federal Way, WA
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