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Re: Piruit (Add/Remove Software) crashes several times - solution!

Dan Thurman wrote:

Just be aware that your mileage may vary but Pirut
(Add/Remove Software) isn't very reliable and expect
it to crash on you.  I have used this program several
times and several times it has crashed and wiped out
hours of downloads in an instant.  Yes, ALL of the
cache downloaded RPM files are gone in an instant!

My last download was 4 hours and it all but went down
the tubes and all for natch.
The defaults for caching the downloaded headers and packages has changed from leaving on your disk to erasing them.

For other reasons (multiple FC5 machines to update), I definitely do not want yum to be erasing packages as it finishes with them.

In /etc/yum.conf: change
Then if something did go amiss you would *not* have to re-download all the files :-)

I have definitely tried lots of different things: uninstalls, add packages from extras/core/freshrpms, and removes as well, no problems so far.

But a bugzilla would be good, and I'd be happy to file it on your behalf but I'd really need your memory of what steps where made in the lead up to the explosion; with out this info, it is unlikely to be repeatable and hence get fixed (therefore we effectively are collectively shooting our selves in the feet).

On a side note: is there plenty of space on the /var partition (eg. df)?


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