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Re: How to add back the SUN Java control panel back to Gnome panels ?

On 3/29/06, David Timms <dtimms bigpond net au> wrote:
> Wong Kwok-hon wrote:
> > Hello!
> >
> > I am running the FC5 which upgraded via yum and it has a SUN java
> > control panel before which can delete the cache or applets. Now the
> > control panel is missing, although I can run it in terminal but all
> > coding are being block symbols. So how to install back to Gnome and
> > make it running in right coding ? Forget to tell u that I am running
> > traditional Chinese (UTF8_TW).
> It might be a fonts or font server issue, does xmms show the same symptoms ?
> It might also be worth removing and re-installing the sun java package ?
> DaveT.

Yes, xmms has same problem.
By the way, when I try to resintall the SUN JRE the following messages
displayed :

error: Failed dependencies:
        xml-commons-apis is needed by (installed)
        xml-commons-apis is needed by (installed) xerces-j2-2.7.1-6jpp_7fc.i386
How to fix it ?

Wong Kwok Hon

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