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Re: why doesn't yum stay on the continent

Tim wrote:
James Wilkinson:
The most prosaic one is that it isn't trivial for yum to work out
which continent a user is on.

Surely it is.  Just read the information stating what timezone the
computer is located in.

Paul Howarth:
Which would make yum think that London and Cape Town were close to each other...

That rather depends on what system of identifying the timezone you use.
The stupid CST, EST, etc., names are useless.  But if you set your
timezone as something like Australia/Adelaide, etc., the continent has
been identified.  In a case like mine, it would make sense for the
update process to try an Australian mirror first.  It might even be good
if I could specify a preferred server that will be tried first, before
picking a random mirror.

One option you have is to get rid of the mirrorlist altogether and use "baseurl" with multiple urls, and have "failovermethod=priority". yum will then try the servers listed in baseurl, in the order that you specified them.


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