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Re: BIOS or motherboard problems after FC5 upgrade

On 3/27/06, Kyle Maxwell <krmaxwell gmail com> wrote:
> I have a system with an ECS 480M motherboard, AMD Athlon 64 3500+, and
> SATA HD. After upgrading my FC4-x86_64 install to FC5 via DVD, on
> boot, the initial udev startup failed (including the attempt to
> background the service). I was forced to reboot, but the system no
> longer goes through POST. That is, the initial video card check runs,
> then the BIOS header shows (copyright, version, and main processor
> listing), but no memory check is run and the normal setup / boot keys
> (DEL or F12) don't function. I've swapped out memory, cleared CMOS,
> unplugged all SATA and IDE devices, etc., but to no avail.

I've made some progress -- turns out clearing the CMOS does in fact
work, I just wasn't clearing it properly. Still, I cannot boot Fedora
as the problem reproduces itself every single time. Also, I've opened
bug #187146 regarding this problem.

So currently it appears that udev fails to start and at the same time
is doing something to the BIOS settings that requires clearing the
CMOS to be able to start the system. Any diagnostic data I could
provide that might be helpful?

Kyle Maxwell
[krmaxwell gmail com]

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