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Re: What RPMs has yum upgraded?

David Timms wrote:
Anne Wilson wrote:
On Wednesday 29 March 2006 10:21, Sjoerd Mullender wrote:
You have to specify which packages you want to list.  E.g. use -a (all)
as well:

rpm -qa --last

Makes sense.  Nice - and covers a reasonable length of time.  Thanks
I only see a heap of files that were installed over a 6 minute period during the actual FC5 install (during last week), none of the rpms installed/upgraded since installation, and definitely not the most recent ones (eg xmms/perl-Video-DVDrip etc) that where only installed last night. Did you find that it showed updates that have been applied with yum/pirut/pup ? or even your most recent ones ?

It should show the time of installation of every package in the rpm database (regardless of the application used to install them), sorted newest first.

Is it possible your clock was wildly wrong when your recent packages were installed?


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