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Re: easiest way to backup home made DVD

yonas abraham wrote:
I usually edit videos and make DVD. what I want is an easy way to duplicate (create a backup of them) as the DVD-R are very sensitive to scratches. Upto late FC4 I used to use dvdbackup using the following three steps

dvdbackup -M -i $dvdsource -o $tmpdir/ -n $title
mkisofs -dvd-video -V $title -v -o $tmpdir/$title.iso tmpdir/$title
growisofs -dvd-compat -Z $dvddest=$tmpdir/$title.iso

But as of lately, I can't compile the dvdbackup from source as most of the binary I found them are broken.

I look for an alternative and found some like (k9copy, dvd9to5.pl, DVD::rip and so on). But I found these packages an overkill to my project as I don't need to "shirk" or transcode. Plus I don't have an encrypted DVD.

is there an easy was to duplicate 4.7GB, unencrypted home made DVD's easly?


BTW, I am using FC5.

see http://vobcopy.org


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