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Re: Problems With Atheros Based Wireless Cards

On 3/29/06, Jeffrey D. Yuille <jeffy5 optonline net> wrote:
On Wed, 2006-03-29 at 10:31 -0600, Gerry Tool wrote:

         (snip, snip)
> No, the Madwifi drivers are "Madwifi-old" or just "Madwifi",  I 
> believe.  Also, when I try to configure the card in Gnome, I come to a 
> place that says, "other wireless cards".  In FC5, unlike in FC4, it 
> gives no name of the chipset to indicate that it even recognizes that 
> the card is present.  Also, when FC4 was installed, all I had to do 
> was install the kernel modules and drivers and my system would 
> recognize the card. 
I'm really sorry to read this thread.  I have given up on ndiswrapper 
with my Linksys WPC54G Cardbus adapter since it freezes the system if I 
have encryption enabled - works without encryption, but that isn't 
adequate.  So, I bought a madwifi supported Netgear 511T card on e-bay 
(don't have it yet) expecting it to work correctly from previous posts 
about wireless networking.

It seems to me that wireless networking has regressed tremendously 
between FC4 and FC5.  There have been many posts on this list about a 
variety of cards that no longer work and people having many problems 
getting those that do work to do so.

I wonder what kind of bugzilla report to make to get someone's attention 
about this host of problems.


     You know, Gerry, you're right about that.  For that reason, I switched back to FC4 from FC5.  Until they can iron out the bugs, I cannot afford to use FC5 due to the fact that I have so much invested in the wireless cards I do have.  At least FC4 works without a hitch because it is a more mature OS.  But that's only because it has had time for the bugs to be worked out of them.  I am sure that this will be the case with FC5 over time. 

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Madwifi-old and madwifi-ng both work fine for me on FC5, but not without some issues. The interface is not brought up automatically on boot anymore. I have checked my old configuration, uninstalled and re-installed, nothing seems to get it working again. NetworkManager doesnt seem to work anymore, the only way I can bring the interface up anymore is thru the command line, so i had to resort to shell scripts.

Something in FC5 has definately changed as far as wireless goes, and not for the better.

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