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Re: FC5, wireless, NetworkManager--a discovery

Matthew Saltzman wrote:

> ...
> So here's what I did (a solution I happened on a few months back when I
> was thinking about forcing the assignment of NICs to devices for other
> reasons).
> Check /etc/sysconfig/hwconf for the original assignnment.  In my case,
> that was e1000 to eth0 and ipw2200 to eth1.  Add the following lines
> (aliases as appropriate for your drivers):
>      alias eth0 e1000
>      alias eth1 ipw2200

in my case I noticed that my modprobe.conf contained the wrong assignments
with eth0 and eth1 switched around after an upgrade FC3->FC5 and networking
didn't work because the ifcfg-eth? files still assumed the old (correct)
assignment. I don't know who put that info there, whether it happened
during the upgrade, or later during a reboot.

>      install ipw2200 /sbin/modprobe -q eth0; /sbin/modprobe
>      --ignore-install ipw2200
> The last line has the effect of forcing the eth0 module to load before the
> ipw2200 module.  Thus the ipw2200 module is always eth1.

good to know, nice trick!

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