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VMware Server Beta Refresh on FC5

Has anyone found the magic incantation to get VMware Server Beta 1 fully
functional on FC5? So far, I have:

- Updated to the latest kernel (2.6.16-1.2080_FC5)
- Installed kernel-devel
- Installed xinetd
- Downloaded and installed the vmware-update-any-any-update99 package

Using the above, I am able to install and mostly configure it, but can
not get the Management User Interface (MUI) to come up at all. The
configuration script complains about port 902 already being in use (it's
not) and I get a strange message back in the browser when trying to
connect. It seems the VMware console itself does run.

I've scoured the VMware forums with no luck. It seems like it almost
wants to work, but something is stopping it in the end. I tried
accounting for SELinux by temporarily switching it to "permissive" mode.
No luck with that either.

Thought I'd ask here before diving back into the VMware forums...



"Never murder a man when he's
busy committing suicide."

-- Woodrow Wilson

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