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Re: For users with IPW2200

Anne Wilson wrote:

On Thursday 30 March 2006 13:11, Roger Grosswiler wrote:
While googling for useful info I came across this page, concerning
IPW2200 with FC5.  I didn't see anything about WPA, but it does cover
quite a lot of
ground, I think.


I'm not ready yet to put FC5 onto my laptop with IPW2200, but if anyone
this page perhaps they could fee back how helpful it is?


This goes around NetworkMananger - which supports in its version on FC5
WPA quite well (i use it with PSK at home)

Thanks, Roger. The laptop I have is currently running Mandriva 2006, which has had IPW220 since it came out, but I could never get WPA working on it. I must admit I haven't tried recently, though. I'm looking forward to being able to install FC5 on it.


i use Fujitsu Siemens Lifebooks (1320 with onboard IPW2200) with FC4 and WPA(TKIP) connecting to linksys and/or lancom access points.
It works perfect! Better than M$!

I'm a little bit scary about the migration to FC5. FC4 is a very very stable distro :-) . Perhaps i will try it in a few weeks.



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