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Re: Fedora 5 DVD - hangs during dependency check

On 3/30/06, caseybea <no-reply-gw fcp homelinux org> wrote:
I am having the *exact* same issue.

The machine I am attempting to install FC5 on is:

Intel P4 2.8Ghz
1GB Ram
Plextor PX708-A DVD/CD reader/writer
2xATA hard drives (no raid)
Nvidia FX5900XT Video

I started with the same deal as the original author-- started with a DVD, picked a typical workstation install, chose to install it on my available free space on my hard drive (I have a 30GB empty partition).   I got all the way to checking dependancies-- and after starting for about 10 seconds, it stops.

So, my initial thought was that (despite the SHA1 sums being verified ok) the burn was "bad" somehow.  So, I instead created CD's.   Low burn speed, just to be sure.

Same install- same process- same result.  It gets "stuck" at the Dependency check.   System is still responsive (mouse, caps-lock ,etc).    I let it sit overnight.  No progress.   (Note: on another similarly-sized system at work, FC5 did the entire depency check in about a minute).    Using SAME media, I had no issues installing on a workstation at work.

The system I have at home has flawless hardware- and I've successfully installed a whole slew of operating systems, the latest of which was an install of FC3 *after* I had issues with the FC5 install.   I've stressed the heck out of it with various benchmarks and hardware tests (memory, etc), all 100% clean.    I can confidently say that my hardware should not be an issue.

I am not sure what is going on, but the installation setup for FC5 clearly is not ready for prime-time.    I suspect it will only be a matter of time before more people come out of the woodwork with the same issue.  :-o

My guess is that there's something about my hardware (I dunno, sound card?) that FC5 does not like--  but why it hangs/sticks during the dependency check is a total mystery.    This is the first RedHat-based install I've *ever* had major install issues with on this machine.

The step next to dependency check may be checked.

Anil Kumar Shrama
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