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FC5 - Changes to snmptrad

With the upgrade to FC5, snmptrapd does not function "out of the box" as it requires snmptrapd.conf with specific access control information.  FC5 uses net-snmp version 5.3. 

According to the man page (5) for snmptrapd.conf:
"Previously, snmptrapd would accept all incoming notifications, and log them
automatically (even if no explicit configuration was  provided).   Starting
with release 5.3, access control checks will be applied to incoming notifi-
cations. If snmptrapd is run without  a  suitable  configuration  file  (or
equivalent access control settings), then such traps WILL NOT be processed."

There is quite a bit of detail provided in the "access control" section of the man page.  Unfortunately, it is not obviously apparent what I need to do in order to accept snmp traps from my Linksys router.

I was using linksysmon to parse and then log the incoming traps.  However, I suspended its use in order to find out what was happening with snmptrapd.

Can someone please point me to an example snmptrapd.conf file?   It seems to me that such a file should have been part of the package to start with. 

Am I barking up the wrong tree?  Should I be tweaking snmp.conf instead?


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