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RE: Cron mystery

I was able to find this setting my exim apperantly the one place I
didn't look good enough

Thanks anyway

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Steven J Lamb wrote:
> I have been searching and greping my entire server for a couple of
> now to figure this one out so bear with me. 
> As many of you probably do I recive some cron messages from either
> failed cron tasks or crons that have some output in them. Not all that
> annoying for me as I can easily sort these messages and move on with
> normal order of buisness. However I noticed while reading through some
> of my crons that the sender of these messages was supposed the email
> address for the old systems admin. I was under the inpression that the
> sender of all crons was root localhost  I have however been unable to
> find where this setting is changed. And during abunch of mans or
> have been unable to find how one configures this. Any ideas out there
> what this is all about.

Sample headers would be useful.

How about /etc/mail/genericstable ?


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