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FC5 - usual (good) experience.

Like many, my experience with FC5 setup, went as smooth as it was with FC1, FC4.
Of-course I was sufficiently pre-warned and learned with the help of this list, like never before.
Most useful part of learning was the new feature of right click in package selection, it will survive if found popular.
Otherwise I might have missed it like many would have.
Adobe Reader, K3b, Java, Azureus, XMMS, Amarok, Xine, Mplayer, Alsa, etc., all working fine.

Anyway, I had promised myself that I will write this post from FC5 but alas not to be.
I could have, but not feeling 100% to do so,   due to -

Problem is with FireFox. It simply will not open any page on its own, but will open the same if had been just opened in Konqueror (Web Browser).  I am trying various options to pinpoint what is happening but ... I think I need help.
Any clues like SELinux (Tried all three modes), cookies, DNS ? ? ?
or Paul's specialist tips on FireFox ... (I just bookmarked another one, thanks).

Anil Kumar Shrama
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