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Re: kmod-nvidia-1.0.8178-

On Thu, 2006-03-30 at 07:28 -0800, Danny Ciarniello wrote:

> I am getting the same message but I don't have selinux enabled since I 
> installed with selinux=0 and I disabled it in the initial configuration 
> screen.

Not directly related to your question:
With FC5 there's very little need to disable SELinux, unless you are in
a very non-typical situation. I used to be one of those that turned off
SELinux, but not anymore. Now it's completely tweakable, and with great
First off, play with System / Administration / Security Level and
Firewall / SELinux. Almost certainly there's a config item there that
lets you do what you want.

Hacking the policy proper (or even disabling SELinux altogether) should
therefore not be needed in any normal case. Should you still want to do
that, the docs are pretty clear:


Just make sure to install the checkpolicy package first.

Florin Andrei


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