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Re: Problems With Atheros Based Wireless Cards & Ubuntu 6.06 experience

Gerry Tool wrote:
Brian Truter wrote:
Madwifi-old and madwifi-ng both work fine for me on FC5, but not without some issues. The interface is not brought up automatically on boot anymore. I have checked my old configuration, uninstalled and re-installed, nothing seems to get it working again. NetworkManager doesnt seem to work anymore, the only way I can bring the interface up anymore is thru the command line, so i had to resort to shell scripts.

I have also found that I have to use the cli to bring up my network, and NetworkManager seems to confound the problem. Can you share the shell script you are using to bring up your network?

Thanks.  Gerry

I have discovered that creating suitable scripts is very easy. I have one (in my ~/bin directory) called wup:
/sbin/ifconfig ath0 up
/sbin/ifconfig ath0 key xxxxxxxx
/sbin/dhclient ath0

and one called wdn:
/sbin/ifconfig ath0 down

These work for me executing the first after login as sudo wup and before logout as sudo wdn. I found if I didn't run wdn, my machine would hang during shutdown.

Also, being curious, I decided to compare this FC5 wireless experience with what one should expect from the next ubuntu 6.06. I downloaded the daily DVD, burned it with K3b, booted to it and got my Netgear WG511T wireless card working immediately by using System > Administration > Networking to configure the already-recognized ath0 device and clicking on the NetworkManager icon that was on the panel, and selecting my network. NM asked me for the encryption key and for a password to place the key on a keyring. With that little effort, I had an IP address and was ready to use the network.

If Fedora Core doesn't make wireless that easy, it will not be used by many laptop owners.


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