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Re: Tyan S488[125] + FC[3-5]

On Thu, 30 Mar 2006, Gaspar Bakos wrote:


Does anyone have a comparison and experience with the following Tyan
Quad motherboards supporting 4 AMD opteron CPUS?:

S4881: AMD-8000 + NVIDIA chipset
S4882: AMD-8000 chipset
S4885: nVidia chipset

Our goal is to build a 4 CPU Opteron system, each CPU being dual core (so
essentially we would have 8 CPUs). We would run RH FC[345] on it
(whichever we find more stable for the purpose).

I did lot of googling, and the above motherboards are pretty much
compatible with recent linux kernels. However, there may be subtle
incompatibilities (e.g. Broadcom, Silicon fake SATA drivers, etc.) that
would rank the motherboards as one being more linux compatible than others.

Even experience such as "I have this system and runs fine" would be useful.

Newer is better in this case... I think you'll find the the 2.6.15 in fc5 supports the nvidia boards adequately.

There really are no suprises with the amd 8xxx only based systems.

If you need raid do it in software or spring for a hardware controller since the cost is strictly incremenantal given how much 4 8xx cpu's are going to cost for the board.


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