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Re: FC5 - usual (good) experience.

On 3/31/06, Tim <ignored_mailbox yahoo com au > wrote:
On Thu, 2006-03-30 at 22:27 +0530, Anil Kumar Sharma wrote:
> Problem is with FireFox. It simply will not open any page on its own,
> but will open the same if had been just opened in Konqueror (Web
> Browser).

IPv4 versus IPv6 issues?

In system-config-network    ---  device tab  ---  eth0 and eth1 (listed)  --- edit
The option "Enable IPv6 configuration for this interface" is not selected in FC4 and FC5
With such setting in FC4 - working very well (as i write this)
Same setting in the case of FC5 - not working for FireFox - but OK in Kaonqurer.

Firewall  FC4=enabled                                      FC5=Enabled/Disabled
SE Linux  FC4=Enabled+Enforcing+Targeted     FC5=Enabled/disabled  +  Enforcing/Permissive 
Working = FC4=OK                                          FC5=Not OK
FC4 setttings are fixed, alloptions above tried in FC5.

Is it an interface problem or a browser problem or security setting level.
I observe that  sites requiring secure connection are not opening at all in FireFox.

Net is working on eth0 in FC5 download on ftp and torrents (azureus) are done. Problem is http.
Any tips tricks or hints - TIA

Anil Kumar Shrama
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