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David Fletcher wrote:
> At 11:58 30/03/2006, you wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> i am trying to configure my adsl-usb modem , in system-config-network
>> it's status is ok, but when i try to connect to network there is this
>> strange message :
>> can not activate network device /sbin/adsl-start : line 214 : 2497
>> terminated
>> $ connect "$@" > /dev/null 2>& 1
>> it seems that FC5 can not initialize USB ports because when i boot
>> there is another
>> strange message! saying :
>> USB 1-1 : [UEAGLE-ATM] requesting firmware ueagle-atm/DSPep.bin
>> failed with error -2
>> please comment
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> It's best to use a modem with an ethernet conne! ction, with a router
> running NAT int between the modem and your PC(s). The router enhances
> your security and lets you have a stable internal IP address.

>It is also faster from what I have tried. If you have a slow USB
>device it can slow your USB connection down.

in network configuration i Edit ethernet device(eth0) and enable
Automatically obtain IP ,but when i activate it can not activate network device
any idea?

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