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Re: fc5: install everything?

Claude Jones wrote:
On Tue March 28 2006 15:29, Jim Cornette wrote:
The everything install is not really missing. The choice is a
few clicks away vs. one button to pull in all packages
available in core.
After kicking up a big fuss over this, I now pretty much agree with you. Any time lost by having to click through several extra menus is offset by the time saved by not having to deal with the issues that were created by the old "everything" button, after the installation.
I've never seen any problems from an "everything" installation of either redhat or fedora.

I counted about 800 clicks to get a complete install by clicking on all of the separate packages, (not counting the couple of reinstalls because I missed one of two from manual error).

So I disagree. This isn't a reasonable alternative. A one click install would have been vastly preferable from my perspective.


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