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RE: Fedora Core 4 TFTP - Permission denied

I done that and have a few Solaris systems running tftp.  I have touched
a file in the tftpboot directory and made it world writable.  I've even
gone so far as doing a chmod 777, but to no avail a tftp put fails.  If
I do not run tftp from xinetd I get all the expected behavior.  If tftp
is run from xinetd no matter what we have tried I can not put a file to
the system.

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On Thu, 2006-03-30 at 10:03 -0800, Jay Isaacs wrote:
> This should be a relatively simple task buy I just can't get it
> working.   TFTP get from the server work fine but a put just results
> in a permission denied.  Any thought on this issue.  Here are my
> current configuration items.

>From my experience you need to create the file you plan to upload via

touch nameoffile

in the tftp directory is normally sufficient.  

You can overwrite a file in the tftp directory but not create one.


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