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Re: FC 5 is a major step forward

William John Murray wrote:
   Hello all,
            I would just like to offer my congratulations and thanks to
all who made the FC5 release what it is.

I feel that FC5 is the best release yet in the series. I agree there.

For me the two big leaps are:
  * Laptop suspend: Really handy in meetings

Unfortunately, with at least three different computers and brands, suspend did not work for me. Congrats!

  * Xen:   This 'just works', for FC5 xenU

I was going to setup a computer which had xen installed. The graphics card did not work in GUI mode. The choice was not available from the text install. Someone mentioned that the setup for lvm was not available in text mode also. My view is that the text installer should either have the same capabilities as the GUI or incorporate even more selections and options. I will file an RFE on that noticed issue. I'll eventually check out xen once I figure out how to install and set this up post install. I did try the kernel for xen on this laptop. it does not have CPU frequency control for my Athlon. I removed the kernel because of that lack. At least it booted and I could use it fairly normally. Previously, the kernel just booted up into a loop for rebooting.

Any helpful hints for installing xen (Desktop) after install and how to set this up? Are you using SELinux enabled? Any problems with kudzu?

Xen is not "Just works" yet but I am interested in the addition and setting up a few virtual machines. Great progress for getting it to work in many situations without problems.

, and others with effort
  * +latest Evolution: finally smooth [if slow] Exchange integration.
  Both work nicely, and come on top of all the previous features

This really is something for you to be proud of.

Though there were disappointments, the overall work is excellent and something that the developers, maintainers and testers should be proud of? Great overall job.


           Thank you,

Top Ten Ways to Pronounce Linux

Lih-nucks, Lie-nucks, Not Win-doze, World Domination, Lin-doze, God's OS, Better Than Microsoft, Crash-free, Heaven, Gates' Worst Nightmare

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