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Re: Fedora Core 5 -- slow GUI performance

Motor wrote:
I have an AMD Athlon XP2000+ with a Matrox G550 card. I used to use it
with satisfactorily with FC4. I recently upgraded to FC5, and I'm finding
that the graphics performance is quite poor.

How do the colors look? Are there any visual blemishes in the desktop background? I ask because I noticed this on a system that I upgraded initially. I had to go into runlevel 3 and run system-config-display and setup my video resolution again with the program. The program showed 800x600 at 256 colors. I was able to change the settings to 180x1024 and maximum color. When going back to the GUI, the color problems wer gone and everything was greal with no visual blemishes.

This... well... sucks, and is a pretty major regression from FC4,
especially since the Matrox G550 has Free software drivers. Is it ever
likely to get fixed, or am I just stuck? Is there anyway to get Pango in
FC5 not to use Cairo (assuming that is the culprit)?

My problem was with an Intel 815 card using the i810 driver. The driver works fine, the X setup was lacking the "just works" feature though.

Just an idea since the Matrox and the Intel suffered a similar problem when FC4 was released. I might be off base with this suggestion.


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