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Re: fedora ppc

beartooth wrote:

On Sun, 19 Mar 2006 23:17:47 -0500, Matthew Polashek wrote:

I downloaded the iso files for FC4 ppc and disc 1 fails to pass the media
check every time.  I tried downloading it from several mirrors. Anyone
have any idea what the problem is? Additionally, when I go ahead with the
install, I get to the point where the anaconda GUI should come up and I
get a blank screen.

I had what sounded like that trouble, with FC4.ppc and a G3 iBook, and
never even got clear whether it was the ISOs, or k3b, or me. I finally
gave up and ordered CDs from pctech101 for ten dollars. they came quickly
and worked fine.

I never got past the black screen on my power book. I did find a few post that suggested that there was a problem with x and the video card in my 17in powerbook. So I pretty well just stuck with OSX and x11. Does anyone know if that is now fixed? Can I run Fedora on my power book now?


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