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Re: yum upgrade to FC5 64 bit e2fsprogs problem

On Thu, 2006-03-30 at 20:34 -0600, Bill Polhemus wrote:
> Matt M. wrote:
> > Everything is downloaded, yum gets to the Transaction Test then I keep
> > getting the following error:
> > Transaction Check Error:   file /usr/share/man/man8/blkid.8.gz from
> > install of e2fsprogs-1.38-12 conflicts with file from package
> > e2fsprogs-1.38-0.FC4.1
> >
> > I am a novice at linux so if I have not provided enough info please let me know.
> >   
> I had a similar problem with the 32-bit version. I made a list of all 
> the packages that gave the transaction error, and simply uninstalled 
> them with yum, then hit it again.
> For example, in your case I'd just:
> # yum remove e2fsprogs
> # yum -y upgrade
> See if that works for you.

I would try just removing the i386 version first.

# rpm -e e2fsprogs.i386

Given that e2fsprogs contains important tools like fsck, it's not a
package to be removed lightly.


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