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Re: fc5: install everything?

>> If you really want to install everything, and it won't work, it's
>> child's play:  CD into the RPMs folder, and do:  rpm -i *.rpm
>> It will attempt to install all RPMs, there will be no difficulty for you
>> to try this (no options to pick, no variations), and it will fail.

Richard Pixley:
> That's because it's missing that important feature that we're expecting 
> from a distribution - integration.

I disagree.  It's already got that.  You can install a workstation with
a set of applications most people would use for that sort of thing, just
by running the installation routine without changing anything, and they
work well together.

You really can't expect them to look at every possible package that
could be put on a Linux system, *and* make them all work together
out-of-the box.  Some of those packages don't lend *themselves* to ease
of use with other things, and that's an issue with the original package.

> Seriously.  I'm expecting the fedora teams to sort out licensing.

Already done.  You've got stuff without onerous conditions.  Things with
problematic licenses are already weeded out.

> I'm expecting fedora teams to sort out configuration defaults.

You've already got most of that done for you.  Networking is mostly a
doddle until it comes to trying to use proprietary Windows-only designed
gear.  Many things are pre-configured in quite usable ways.

> I'm expecting them to make reasonable decisions about which available 
> service in a choice of services will be the best choice, (sendmail vs 
> whatever else).

That's already done, too.

(Currently running FC4, occasionally trying FC5.)

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